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[Monday, 11th June, 2007 @ 7:18pm]

Last night, I heard Modey Lemon at the end credits of some racing show
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Curious City [Thursday, 11th August, 2005 @ 2:14pm]

Yo peoples! I'm workin at Birdman doin some tour support for modey and wanted to get y'alls opinions of the new album, "Curious City". I've got some raves and some mixed reviews so far, but I'd love to get any and all of your opinions...Thanks!
Visit our website too! www.birdmanrecords.com
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Modey Lemon + more @ ArthurFest Los Angeles [Monday, 1st August, 2005 @ 1:42pm]

Arthur Magazine and Spaceland present:
1st Annual ArthurFest
September 4 & 5 (Labor Day weekend)
@ Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Blvd, Little Armenia/Los Feliz area)

FMI: ArthurFest on MySpace

LineupCollapse )

Ticket informationCollapse )

AccomodationsCollapse )
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[Tuesday, 7th June, 2005 @ 8:46pm]

so.. instead of news from other websites i really want your oppinions of 'the curious city' to me, i think its not as good as thunder and lightning but it amazing sitting in my room and thinking 'oh my god.. this is new modey lemon' i really like track 3, the lyrics are amazing, so simple and so origional.

i saw them play in london with dinosaur jr and i have now seen them 19 times.. go me

was anyone else there, anyone see phil go 'this ones for binge'

binge.. being my second name.. i told him to say that before the show.
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THE METRO RIOTS [Saturday, 28th May, 2005 @ 10:20am]

i seriouslt recommend a band, i think you will love them, the metro riots.

click here for direct links to the music!

http://www.genepoolrecords.com/mp3/metroriots/ripmother.mp3 - RIP MOTHER

http://www.genepoolrecords.com/mp3/metroriots/luredintoroulette.mp3 - LURED INTO ROULETTE

http://www.genepoolrecords.com/mp3/metroriots/theesmallfaces.mp3 - THEE SMALL FACES (maybe my favorite)


they are nearly as good as modey

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sorry if this has already been posted... [Thursday, 5th May, 2005 @ 1:04pm]

XFM.co.uk has a full live gig modey lemon did a while ago here for you to watch.

Now if only you could save it..
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European tour announced [Wednesday, 4th May, 2005 @ 9:49pm]

Modey Lemon have announced a European tour and two extra UK dates! You can see the original page here, but I'll repeat what Phil had to say anyway.

"May 4th.
Europe dates are in. Check the showspage.
There are many exciting things going on in addition to the European tour.
On June 1st we're having a cd release party at Water Rats in London
with Pittsburgh friends ICE CAPADES.
On June 9th we have the honor of opening for Dinosaur JR. on their reunion tour
at the London Forum."

And those European dates so far:

16 Stuttgart, GER SCHOCKEN (With Weird War)
18 Barcelona, SP SIDECAR (w/Anita Fix)
19 Madrid, SP REVOLVER
20 Vitoria, SP HELLDORADO (With Weird War)
23 Rome, ITL ZOO BAR
24 Bologna, ITL ESTRAGON
28 Diksmuide, BEL 4AD (With Oneida)
29 Kontich, BEL Lintfabriek (With Oneida)
30 Den Haag, NL Paard van Troje (With Oneida)
(possibly more to be confirmed)

1st London, Water Rats (w/Ice Capades)
9th London, Forum (opening for Dinosaur Jr.)
25th Glastonbury Festival The Other Stage 12:00pm

Modey Lemon with Oneida! what a show that will be! It's a shame they aren't playing the UK with Oneida, but one can dream...

Of course, they still have the yourcodenameis:milo tour to wrap up, in the coming days you can catch them @

5 Oxford Zodiac
7 Exeter Cavern Club
9 Northampton Soundhaus
10 London The Garage

I'm going to the Oxford gig tomorrow, should be good!

One last thing... we need you people who read this to contribute! Please don't feel afraid to start new posts or even just comment, in fact, it would be very much encouraged, thank you :)
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Interview [Tuesday, 3rd May, 2005 @ 4:22am]

A great recent interview with the Modey Lemon!

I saw them last night, it was a good gig, I'll update with a review or some infomation soooon.

To tide you over, (part of) Garbage Man, Garbage Man, from House on the Hill and the Japanese issue of 'Modey Lemon'
anyone got the full track?
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Modey Lemon tonight [Monday, 2nd May, 2005 @ 8:23am]

I'm going to see them tonight in Birmingham, alone unfortunately as I don't really know anyone around here who likes them/likes them enough, but I shall have fun... I need gig friends though. I might have to miss the yourcodenameis:milo side of things too in order to catch my train. We'll see, we'll see...

If you've seen the Modey Lemon live recently, what did you think of them?
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[Saturday, 30th April, 2005 @ 4:17pm]

Modey Lemon in this weeks nmeCollapse )</lj=cut What they said: "They dont sound like a Modey Lemon should, they sound more like Hawkwind with Jim Reed on vocals. Terrible lyrics, but when they succumb to their frequent urges to rock, you'll feel it in your genitalia. Apologies to al you eunuchs, but then you probably have other stuff on your mind."
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An update, at last [Friday, 29th April, 2005 @ 8:33am]

Apologies for the lack of updates, especially at this busy time for the Modey Lemon when they seem to be doing loads, but real life intervened with my LJ usage for a while and... well, that doesn't matter. I'm back now, so let's get down to business.

First off, the European release dates for both the Sleepwalkers single and the Curious City album have been pushed back, possibly to allow the Modey Lemon more time to build a buzz before release, but who knows?

Sleepwalkers is now to be released on MAY 16TH 2005 with new songs 'Circe' and 'Rocket Stew, Moon Croon' backing up the cd release and 'Rockit Stew - Crickets In Mittens Mix' being the B side on the 7". The sleeve art can be found here. The single itself is fucking awesome, catchy yet complex, psychedelic yet straightforward, it rocks in all the right places, I hope it does well. It's getting played on the radio and it's getting some airplay on mtv2, so here's hoping. Make sure you buy it! Also, you can see Jeremy Solterbeck's rather good video to the song by visiting http://www.canopusprojects.com/

The Curious City is now to be released on MAY 30TH 2005 in Europe and, well, I don't know a whole lot about it other than that. It's being released late summer in the US according to the Modey Lemon site, keep an eye on that for further news regarding what promises to be one of the finest albums of the year.

The Modey Lemon has now been on tour in the UK for around a month, I've not managed to catch them live yet (although I should be seeing them at least twice in the next week), but I know some of you have seen them recently! If you have, please comment and tell us what you thought! They are touring Europe eventually too, although the Apes have unfortunately had to pull out of that one. Anyone lucky enough to be hitting Glastonbury this year will be able to catch the Modey Lemon! they are playing the Other Stage at 12pm on June 25th. Hopefully, the BBC will broadcast elements of their set in some form.

Finally (for now), here's an mp3 bootleg of the WFMU session the Modey Lemon did back in 2002, the sound quality isn't perfect but it's pretty good considering. The Modey Lemon were pretty much on fire this day, the live versions of Coffin Talk and Jesus Christ (For Dinner) are especially kicking, and the banter interview at the end is a damn sight better than the cringe-worthy BBC oxford audio interviews.


The Modey Lemon
Live on WFMU 06/09/2002

01 - Intro
02 - Big Bang
03 - Crows
04 - Enemy
05 - You Bug Me
06 - The Guest
07 - Coffin Talk
08 - Thunder and Lightning
09 - Jesus Christ (For Dinner)
10 - Broken string jam
11 - Dr. Bodysnatcher
12 - Modey interview

(WE NEED YOU! do you have any news on the Modey Lemon? please share it with us! do you have any live recordings or rare tracks by the Modey Lemon or bands connected to the Modey Lemon? please share them with us! do you have anything at all to do with the Modey Lemon? please share it with us! We'll love you forever! Word.)
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The story behind the Modey Lemon... [Tuesday, 29th March, 2005 @ 8:52am]

Late night howls and strange excruciating sounds heard from the mansion on the hill.

The home belongs to that of Dr. Winston Modey, an experimenter in electronics. The tale of Dr. Modey, rumored dead, dates back quite a way, but the legend has only recently surfaced. It is said that Dr. Modey and his patient/apprentice Crash Witherspoon had conducted unheard of acts and experiments inside the walls of Modey's basement, Witherspoon coming in contact with the doctor after his parents had secretly rushed him to his lair, after desperately searching for a ultimate treatment to Crash's hyperactivity.

The Witherspoons had gotten word through friends who had invested in the doctor's expertise in electro-shock therapy to treat their child's violent fits, and had protected the good doctor from the authorities, for he had successfully sedated their extremely violent child. The Witherspoon family took the chance, and have never heard from their son again. Unfortunately for them, they could not report the incident to the authorities due a forbiddence placed upon the citizens to never socialize or interact with the doctor.

There had been a series of strange on going occurences in the town. Young girls had been missing. It was rumoured that the hoofs of Dr. Modey's horse could be heard galloping through the town late at night, petrifying the townspeople.
Months past and no body heard from the man on the hill. A letter was then received by town authorities in their offices. Dr. Modey had reported that he and a 'friend' had departed on a voyage around the world, and that they were not to be followed and that his home was not to be tampered with. He warned the people that his house was lined with booby traps and that it would be in their best interest to stay as far away as possible. The authorities and townspeople ignored his request and raided the home. To their dismay the missing young girls of the town were not found.

And no further incriminating evidence was found either. Only random indecipherable electrical inventions, one seeming to some sort of 'amplification' unit for a string instrument, the guitar.

Authorities will disclose no more on the subject until more is discovered.

(as taken from >>>here<<<)

Updated Modey Lemon comprehensive song listCollapse )
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[Thursday, 24th March, 2005 @ 8:34am]

whos seeing modey on monday at the garage? me me me
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Two radio interviews with the Modey Lemon [Wednesday, 23rd March, 2005 @ 6:25pm]

I came across two radio interviews with Paul Quattrone and Phil Boyd during my search for rare Modey Lemon stuff, you can find the original sources for >>>Paul's interview<<< and >>>Phil's interview<<< behind the links, but so you can save them onto your computer and listen any time, I captured both interviews and put them in one convenient file :)

Paul/Phil interview for BBC radio Oxford

I warn thee now, the interviewer guy, Tim Bearder, is a complete tool and asks really stupid questions, but Paul and Phil's answers redeem it somewhat, especially Paul's retorts during the dinosaur questioning.

On a similar BBC radio/Modey Lemon tip, I found out Phil Boyd recorded a radio interview and an acoustic version of Predator(!) at BBC Wales' Cardiff studio last year and that both the interview and the acoustic Predator were broadcast on Bethan and Huw's Radio 1 show on the 5th February 2004. My efforts to locate recordings of either or both have so far proved unsuccessful, but they are out there somewhere, and someone must have them! If anyone knows any more, please let us know.

One last thing today, I found out some more info about the 'Sleepwalkers' single, released in Europe on Monday 25th April. The 'A' side is 'Sleepwalkers', and the B sides are 'Circe' and 'Rocket Stew'. One month to go!

P.S the official Modey Lemon forum is starting to pick up! Check it out and join us!
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for Ms tinycat :) [Tuesday, 22nd March, 2005 @ 4:35am]

Read more...Collapse )
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Rare old stuff [Monday, 21st March, 2005 @ 8:17pm]

I am sooooooo good to you people, I spent the best part of a day looking on t'net for more Modey Lemon rarities, and just look at what I found!

Mr President - Dean Swagger

Dean Swagger was a three-piece pre-Modey Lemon band featuring Phil Boyd, Paul Quatrrone and some guy whose name I don't know (edit: I think the third guy was called Dan Barone). I can't find much information about them, but if you want to know more, go >>>here<<<.

House on the Hill - Modey Lemon

Title track from their original self-produced cd-r album, this song is a rare tease to what that album possibly sounds like. You can learn more about the Modey Lemon of that era >>>here<<<.

Enjoy 'em!
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Modey Lemon, live on WFMU, 6th September 02 [Sunday, 20th March, 2005 @ 9:40pm]

not to be missed if you are a fan of the Modey Lemon!

I discovered (and subsequently compiled) this Modey Lemon live bootleg today, and it'll be available for the next seven days/first 25 people to download!

47 minutes and 44mb of the Modey Lemon LIVE from 6th September 2002!

click the cover to start the download, all 12 tracks are in a .zip file :)


The Modey Lemon
Live on WFMU 06/09/2002

01 - Intro (0:31)
02 - Big Bang (3:01)
03 - Crows (2:46)
04 - Enemy (3:51)
05 - You Bug Me (4:20)
06 - The Guest (2:23)
07 - Coffin Talk (5:58)
08 - Thunder and Lightning (2:15)
09 - Jesus Christ (For Dinner) (6:02)
10 - Broken string jam (2:28)
11 - Dr. Bodysnatcher (3:43)
12 - Modey interview (9:47)
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[Sunday, 20th March, 2005 @ 8:56pm]

so so so so, tell me all about your modey experiances? how were they live for you? photos? signatures? setlists? i have seen them 4 times now, have been amazing every time. i only have the 1 photo on my computer at the moment, this was at birmingham with mclusky and tricky nixon

modey timesCollapse )</lj=cut p.s - check out my ML layout
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ROOOOOAAARRR [Sunday, 20th March, 2005 @ 2:24pm]

Firstly, some vague news regarding the release of 'The Curious City' in the US, late summer with a concrete date TBA, and it'll be on Birdman Records.

Secondly, look what I came across on the internet! This one certainly passed me by! But it's a bit mysterious, I can't find any more infomation about it...

Apparantly, according to >>>this<<< website (scroll down to near the bottom), the Modey Lemon and the Apes released a split 7" on 7th March 2005. It's on Birdman, so it must be an import, but I couln't find anything about it on their site... it's got me puzzled. If you can clear it up (or you have the 7" yourself!), let us know. Here's what that puregroove website had to say about it anyway:

"You just can't beat split 7"s. This Birdman release joins the swampy Modey Lemons with the long-grassed Apes by the width of a slab.

1. Modey Lemon - In Another Land
2. Apes - Nighttime Reaper"

One last thing, I think there is a Modey Lemon bootleg out there, somewhere, by the name of 'Modey Lemon - Live & Live on WFMU CDR', anyone know anything about it? I caught a mention of it on >>>this<<< website, and I'm going to try and track it down, but if anyone has it, let us know, cheers.

Edit: I rock! I found it (the Modey Lemon live radio show!), kinda poor quality, but I'll clean it up a little and post a link to it later on!

To tease you a little, here's what to expect!

Modey Lemon, live on WFMU, September 6th 2002

1. Big Bang
2. Crows
3. Enemy
4. You Bug Me
5. The Guest
6. Coffin Talk
7. Thunder + Lightning
8. Jesus Christ For Dinner
9. Dr. Bodysnatcher

More news and stuff when I get it.
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Compiling a comprehensive list of all the songs out there [Saturday, 12th March, 2005 @ 11:45am]

I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of all the Modey Lemon songs that exist in a recorded form, if you know of any more songs that could be added to this list or you spot any errors, please comment and I'll revise this list, thank you.

In alphabetical order:Collapse )
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